Goodman Community Center

Psychotherapy and Case Management services

 The primary objective is to provide mental health services for Goodman program participants who are in need of additional services.  Due to trauma caused by the chronic stress of poverty and the barriers and challenges that poverty can create, many of children, youth and adult participants could benefit from a support mechanism provided at a service location where they already feel safe, connected and supported. The Goodman Anesis partnership will offer a holistic approach to mental wellness and mental health services.  If we want to engage a participant and support their mental health, we must identify concerns that have created barriers to relationship building from the individuals perspective. This means understanding why people are reluctant to get involved in mental health activities and if their reluctance is based on past experiences or a social construct. 

Northside Safe & Thriving

Mental Health and Wellness Groups at BlackHawk Middle School

The major goal of this project is to empower northside residents to become their own health advocates by providing them with strategies to promote mental health. This proposal is holistic in its approach as it aims to work with parents, teachers, and nearby community members. It further strives to connect residents with affordable or free health services, as available. It is our hope that the participants of this program will learn to be their own best advocates, and will continue to practice the skills and methods learned throughout our time together even after the funding expires.

ACT Parenting Groups

Adults & Children Together: Raising Safe Families

The ACT Program was developed and is coordinated by the American Psychological Association’s Office. The ACT Program teaches positive parenting skills to parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 8. ACT has been designed as a community-based intervention for groups of parents and caregivers from all backgrounds. Anesis provides training for community providers and organizers in the ACT curriculum and provides parenting groups to our client and community partners.


Madison Urban Ministry

Trauma Groups

Starting in 2018 Anesis Therapy started a partnership with Madison Urban Ministry. Client’s who have experienced incarceration, parole and/or are transitioning back into the community are referred to our trauma groups. These groups are gender specific and focus on psychoeducation about trauma, culture, family, feelings & emotions and identity.


Comprehensive Community Services

Psychotherapy and Service Facilitation

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a voluntary, community-based program under Chapter DHS 36 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code that provides psychosocial rehabilitation services to clients across the lifespan who have needs for ongoing, high or low-intensity services resulting from mental health or substance use disorders but who are not in need of Community Support Program (CSP) services. These services and supportive activities are designed to assist CCS clients to achieve their highest possible level of independent functioning, stability, and independence, and to facilitate recovery. The goal of this community-based approach is to promote better overall health and life satisfaction for the individual.

Ending Family


The Road Home Dane County is committed to ending the issue of family homelessness in our community. We do this by developing long-term relationships with homeless families with children that change lives. We work with families, not only to relieve the immediate crisis of homelessness, but also to build skills, resources and relationships that set the stage for long-term success. To accomplish our mission, we rely on the help and support of individuals, congregations and businesses throughout Dane County. We believe that for the greater good of our city and for human kind, we can and should join together to make a difference because every child deserves a home. Homelessness is just one of the many traumas that families struggle with. Anesis provides in home therapy services to families that are in the Road Home program.


Northside Early Childhood Zone

The NECZ offers home visiting services provided by highly trained professionals, which include support for and education about having a healthy pregnancy, promoting positive parent-child relationships, understanding how children develop, and connecting to other useful community resources. Anesis works alongside with home visitors and provides in home psychotherapy services to families who are in the program.